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[ The herb garden ]
The herb and tomato patch showing the benefits of organic gardening!
[ Another cruise boat ]
Another boatload of tourists goes by - they have been "mooned"
[ Recreation Room ]
Our new Brunswick pool table in the recreation room.
[ Recreation Room ]
Yep, we definitely enjoy hanging out in the basement these days!
[ The family room ]
The family room, with our favorite sheepskin rug and wood-burning stove
[ Recreation Room ]
Our restored antique "bread cabinet" holds home-brewed Wines and Ales
[ The kitchen ]
The galley-style kitchen, with walk-in pantry (and buckets of apples!)
[ Agate Passage ]
The sun sets on yet another beautiful evening at Agate Passage
[ Gnarly ]
"Gnarly" keeps those pesky
evil spirits away!
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