Capt. James JOSSEY


Personal and Family Information

Capt. James JOSSEY was born 1635 in Putney, England. He died ABT 1690 in Nasomond, Virginia, USA. He was the son of Mr. James JOWSEY (gent) and Elizabeth Jane GRAYDON.

Capt. James JOSSEY's wife is not known. They were married ABT 1660 in Virginia, USA. Their 2 known children were Col. James JOSSEY and Mary JOSSEY.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Capt. James JOSSEY


Mr. James JOWSEY (gent)


Mr. Robert JOWSEY (gent)


Robert JOWSEY of Westpans


Margaret UNKNOWN


Elizabeth Jane GRAYDON



OccupationCaptain in cavalry (horse)