Mr. John JOWSEY (gent)


Personal and Family Information

Mr. John JOWSEY (gent) was born ABT 1610 in London, UK. He died 1 MAY 1690 in Edinburgh, UK. He was the son of Mr. Robert JOWSEY (gent) and Margaret UNKNOWN.

Mr. John JOWSEY (gent)'s wife was Elspeth HUCHEON. They were married 6 OCT 1632 in North Leith, UK. Their 4 known children were Bessie JOWSIE, Bartholemew JOSSEY, Cirsteine JOUSIE and Johne JOWSIE.

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Mr. John JOWSEY (gent)


Mr. Robert JOWSEY (gent)


Robert JOWSEY of Westpans




Margaret UNKNOWN